Dance Hack Event #3


I attended the Dance Hack event, which is a gathering of technologists and artist. Mostly it is dancers  and coders that that come together with the hope of  fusing art and emerging technology.  An interesting collaboration is this sort of paint by person, where you can use a person as a canvas in a program similar to paint, pictured above. My favorite would have to be the digital dance  with the technology of full motion capture. In this case a dancer is wearing a motion tracking suite in which they do their choreography. The interesting part is the visualizations possible in the digital arena where in this case the can program light trails emanating from the hands/motion of the arms. Surprisingly the coolest aspect is in how much of a collaborative thing it truly was. This is because there where three pints of axis, one was the body of the dancer, second was the non-tagged fellow dancer that facilitated some of the moments. With his absence in the digital arena (avatar) it created interesting motions of that digitized body  of the dancer that would otherwise go against the laws of physics in real life. The third point of axis is what I like to think of as the camera person, the one who establishes the shot of the dancers and frames them in the digital arena. Although there are actually no cameras  involved in the project, and it is more of person behind a computer positioning the shot via a mouse/track pad. Overall I’m always impresed by the presentations by this group, they go by the name of Kinetech Arts.





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