Video review of Meehan Glasper-Wade’s Video: Televisi

At first it seems that the video is about facades, or the exterior that hides a different interior. I get this feeling from the briefcase that encapsulates a man, and from the opening animation of a pig inside of a chicken suit. The music moves from a traditional use of trumpets, giving the feeling of a fair, to more electronic tones, creating a sense of transformation. Abrupt starts and stops towards the end of the video work well as they become more frequent along with the music change. The use of boke spheres across the screen help create an uncertain middle and ending, reminding me of speeding car, a swift getaway. The hidden camera with a strong vignette of a person speaking, also adds to this feeling. Overall I think this is strong work, that to me speaks about transformation, transformation without a clear sense of resolution. For me, this is life, and so I feel this piece to be true to it.


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