Gallery Visit #1

Pace Gallery, teamLab


My first gallery visit was to the Pace Gallery in Menlo Park, California. This gallery is something I have been wanting to experience for some time now. The current exhibit was created by the Japanese art collective teamLAB they are a group of as they put it “ultra-technologists whose  collaborative  practice  seeks  to  navigate  the  confluence  of  art,  technology,  design  and  the  natural world.”


The exhibit consisted of large warehouses filled with large video screens and projections. Some rooms consisted of 3d spaces that intersected with the video and also allowed for people to interact with it. Surprisingly, there was also an phone application in which you could interact with certain pieces and control its lighting.

I believe that the goal of this exhibit is to think of new ways of having technology and human interaction, since it seems inevitable that both will one day become one.



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